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Havana Wellness

We at Havana Wellness are focused on the digestive system and the nervous system. And how your emotions affect you!

We are about gut health and absorption, ways to drop into healing and out of fight/flight (stress mode), rebalancing physically/emotionally/mentally through nutrition and supporting the channels of elimination, and supporting our cells to do what they’re designed to do when at their best.

We have healing treatments to nourish each part of you, and the education to lead you into empowerment, a better mindset and the importance of self care.

Find out how to safely and comfortably support natural cleansing, healing, detox and rebuilding of the body. Get your body healing itself with wholefoods, purge what is not working for you and discover new ways to replenish and reconnect with your entire sympathetic nervous system – unconscious mind. Learn how to listen to your body’s cues, rebalance and break old patterns with the support of step by step guidance, and the tips you’ve been missing your whole life.

Havana Wellness

Our Difference

Embracing and sharing the 7 principles of health.


Relationships. Wholefoods. Exercise. Water. Air. Sunshine. Passion. We provide life changing education and support for those who really want to go within and reconnect with themselves - body & mind - to empower & heal, make positive changes, and for those open to knowing more. The services we provide support the body and its natural detox processes, working WITH the body and not against it.


Havana Wellness specialists inspire and guide you to let go of what no longer serves you, embrace positive new rituals into your life and they have magical services that will support you on your health journey. Their knowledge, technique and ability to 'hold the space' for others is what makes them the best at what they do.

Treatment Menu

Cleansing & Detoxification

Waste in the colon becomes dehydrated due to dietary imbalances often causing build up, bloating and impaired gut health. If the colon isn’t emptying correctly the toxicity is recirculating through the colon wall into the bloodstream and affecting our brain, and every organ and part of us. Reverse symptoms and restore flow with colonics.


Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy

A full body cleanse starting with the colon. Rebalance your gut. Feel healthier, happier and lighter through hydration & elimination. Did you know you can hold 6-10kg of old waste in your colon? Using unique & specialised techniques such as stomach massage, acupressure, relaxation breath work, reiki, aromatherapy, & professional coaching to support the individual to release.

First session    60min $145

Includes consultation, hydration assessment, colonic education & your first Colon Hydrotherapy session.


Follow up session    45min $125

Package of 5 x sessions are recommended for most clients after their initial first session to allow waste to soften further and release after their introduction session.


Express session    30min $85

5x 30min sessions $375

*Conditions apply


Detox Sauna    30min $50 or $60 including shower

Far Infrared Solo Sauna Session

Private room - Just you, and time for a meditation or snooze while you support your body’s natural detox processes of perspiration. Sweat out 20% more toxins than ordinary saunas, tighten your skin, and you could burn 600-1000 calories. *Packages available

Healing Treatments


The key to unlocking and soothing the pieces of self stored away in order to generate self healing within the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Transformational Healing    120min $225

Spiritual guidance and mentoring


Chakra Energy Balance    20min $50


Reconnect to self, rebalance through the energy field surrounding each point within your body from head to toe.


Reiki Healing Relaxation Session    60 min $120

A relaxation technique using warm energised touch to activate the natural healing process to restore body, soul & mind. Allow your body deep rest & connection to source.

30 min $70

Signature Healing

Please ask which signature healing therapy sessions we are offering this month.

From 30 min $70




Release stress and trauma from your cells & promote cellular healing. Unblock & Nourish your Body. Move blockages in your system, promote toxin removal. Create Flow. Reduce & stop pain. Give back to yourself so you have more to give others.

Muscle Release - Remedial Massage    60min $125

Relieve aching & trauma from muscles. Dissolve tension with this freestyle deep tissue & myofascial release massage. HICAPS & Health Fund Approved. Rebates available.

*Includes initial assessment & treatment plan. 90min $160


Pure Harmony Massage    60min $110

Relax & unwind with our aromatherapy massage. Pure relaxation Swedish style using pure essential oils.

30min $60

90min $150

Intuitive Healing Massage    60min $150

We tailor your massage specific to your personal needs with a selection of; ancient healing rituals, body balancing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, energy medicine, reiki, induced with individualised aromatherapy oils to rebalance & restore flow. 90min $190

Wellness Coaching with Sarah Ellen   from $149

•  Gut health & Microbiome based education

•  Rapid Nutritional Healing

•  Wholefood & Plant based Designed Food Plans

•  Digestive Health Cleansing & Support

•  Gut Brain & Emotional Eating Education

•  Self-healing protocols

•  Anxiety & Depression Relief

•  Anti-inflammatory & Pain management/reduction

•  Holistic Health Assessment & Consultations


Iridology & Sclerology

It’s all in the eyes. Our eyes are more than just the windows to the soul, they also reflect what is going on within our organs and teach us where our body is congested or under stress. Empowering us with the knowledge to heal ourselves. Eye photos and personalised consultation included.


Juice Fasting Packages

Havana specialises in making detoxification much smoother using cellular memory release techniques. We deliver a supportive environment with all the tips, tricks and selfcare musts to allow you to enjoy a more effective and enjoyable cleanse.

3 Day Juice Cleanse  *Immune Reboot

Rest and restart your system with a carefully planned mini program for purging the old and healing within.

Valued at $957  Now Only $597

7 Day Detox  *Replenish, Repair & Recover

Give your body a full cycle of fasting with selfcare must haves to allow rest and deep repair to renew your entire being.

Valued at $1869  Now Only $1297

Goddess Rituals Massage    90min $190

For healing, pampering & detox.

It is your time to re-balance and re-energise with our spa ritual welcome touch, dry skin brushing for lymphatic drainage support, sound healing, chakra balancing, reiki relaxation method, reflexology, indian head massage, & intuitive full body massage using individualised aromatherapy oil to soothe your being. Float away on a cloud.

120min $230


Signature Massage    60 min $125

Please ask which signature massage therapy sessions we are offering this month. 30min $70


Specialised Spa & Skin Treatments

Dry Skin Brushing    30mins $60

A stimulating toxin removing technique used to bring circulation and flow back to the skin and lymphatic system. Removes old skin cells and rejuvenates stagnant skin. Increases blood flow and reveals fresh, glowing skin. Proven to reduce cellulite. Add Skin Detoxifying Guasha Body Scrub

30mins $55                       


Indian Head Massage    30min $60

Let go of stress & tension quickly as we use firm yet gentle rhythmic movements involving acupressure points called Marma points throughout your scalp, neck, shoulders, ears & face. Add Indian head massage to any Massage 20 mins $30


Reflexology    30min $70

From the roots of Chinese acupuncture, reflexology uses a unique system & holistic principles to release and rebalance the body through the feet.

Baby Mamma Massage    60min $125

(Pregnancy Massage)

Nourish you & baby within. Prepare your body & realign your being. Improve circulation, repair and restore while being pampered with care.

30 min $70

90 min $160

Havana Detox Clay Facial    50mins $109

Focusing on the elimination of toxins from your skin. Specialised lymphatic drainage massage technique. Medicinal Herbal infusion & detox clay mask to draw out heavy metals & impurities through the face & thyroid area.


Mini Detox Clay Facial    30mins $89

Havana Goddess Facial    75mins $119

A deluxe facial incorporating 5 massage techniques with energy healing to soothe your mind & awaken skin rejuvenation to reveal your inner glow

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Shop 1/49 Berrigan Drive, South Lake

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